Winter Hair Care

Winter has come along with lot of hair problems.
In this blog I will share the best and simple Hair Care Tips.

1 : Never wash your hair with hot water in any season, that will damage your hair follicles. Instead of using Luke warm water.

2 : In winter try to oiled your hair once in a week and the oil should be warm from Double Boiling Process.If you don’t know what process is this.
Go and Check this video

3 : If your hair gets too dry,Try this DIY Hair Mask

Hair Care is not a big task and you do not need to expense your money for buying expensive products. Its all about maintain consistency and before applying anything always understand your hair nature, means what actually your hair needs.
e.g. If your Lifestyle is not healthy,then there is no use of applying any mask or any treatment.In that case your hair needs internal care not external one.